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Work and Travel Work and Travel
Work and Travel Work and Travel

Work and Travel

The idea of Work and Travel program

Work and Travel is an educational program addressed to the students. Thanks to this program its participants have a chance not only to visit The United States of America but also to work legally there. Thus, the advantage of the program is a combination of exciting journey and the possibility of earning money. The participants of the program, after receiving nonimmigrant visa J-1, valid together with DS-2019 document, may legally work in the USA since the middle of May till the middle of October, for the period not longer than four months.

The partipants of Work and Travel program are students from all over the world. Months from May to September are reserved for students from north hemisphere to take part in the program. Whilst months from September to March are reserved for students from south hemisphere to take part in the program.

What does Work and Travel program assure?

  • Jobfairs with American employers. Why Not USA enables people interested in working to familiarize oneself with a wide range of workplaces – usually big resorts (receptionist, waiter, barman, salesclerk, cashier) and fish processing plants.
  • DS-2019 document entitling to receive J-1 visa, which entitles to legal work in the USA for a period of four months (additionally it is allowed to stay in the USA for 30 days longer in order to travel around the USA).
  • Thanks to possession of DS-2019 document from Department of State each participant gets the Social Security Number in a short period of time after coming to the USA. This number is essential to work and to transfer taxes.
  • Full insurance which is consistent with the requirements of The Government of The United States of America, and which is included in the costs.
  • Full support, during the stay in the USA.
  • Assistance in dealing with all formalities in the USA Embassy, essential to get the J-1 Visa.
  • Assistance in accomplishment of flight booking.
  • Information meeting before the departure to the USA.

Types of works in Work and Travel program

People who get help from Why Not USA in finding an empoyer receive one proposal of work for 9-24 weeks before the departure. Workplaces are usually hotels, wayside inns, theme parks, national parks, resorts, casinos, fastfoods, restaurants, fish processing plants in Alasca etc. The character of work is very similar to the work which is done by the American students during their holiday (e.g. ice-cream or pizza sale, house cleaning, mowing, repairing of sport equipment, working at kitchen and many other). The initial conditions of work, earnings or accommodation may be renegotiated at student’s request, but there is no warranty of receiving a new job offer.

Sponsor of Work and Travel Program

The sponsor of Work and Travel program is CCI - The Center for Cultural Interchange.

The Conditions of Participation

The Conditions of Participation in Work and Travel Program

Participants should not be younger than 18 and not older than 30. What is more, should be students of intramural, evening or extramural studies (the first semester successfully completed is required). Each participant of the program must have the status of the full time student (student who is on dean’s leave is not qualified for the program). Students of the last year can take part in the program as well. Each participant of the program must know English language at least sufficient for communication. Each participant should submit all documents required in the fixed time and pay all payments in a timely manner.

People who are studying at minimum two-year post-secondary schools, postgraduate colleges connected with tourism, hotel industry, and gastronomy, or postgraduate colleges educating its students in administration and accounting, as well as students of doctoral studies, can apply for the Work and Travel program.

Verification of the English language knowledge

Each of the participants of the program must know the English language at least at the level sufficient for communication. If a person is not sure of his/her language abilities, should take an exam to describe the level of his/her English language knowledge. People, who choose a job offer where a good or very good knowledge of English language is required, will be obliged to take an English language test and will be interviewed directly by the employer at the occassion of work fairs or by the employee of Why Not USA (if a participant decides to take part in the program after the work fairs).

Documents and visa

 Documents and visa connected with the Work and Travel program.  

Useful link


The participants must possess the valid passport for a minimum of half a year after the completion of the program, that is until May of the following year, and J-1 visa granted by the USA Embassy. Why Not USA will sent a DS-2019 document after 6-8 weeks since the full visa fees will be paid. On the basis of DS-2019 document the J-1 visa is granted. DS-2019 form must be delivered to the Embassy or Consulate together with all visa application forms, visa photography, participant’s passport and visa fee, in order to get J-1 visa. These documents are submitted to the Embassy or Consulate about 1 week before the date of the Interview with Why Not USA. After the Interview the time of awaiting for the passport with visa is about 1- 14 days.


Work and Travel Program Participant Application Checklist

The procedure for submitting application forms for the Work and Travel Program 

In order to apply for the Work and Travel program a student should submit these documents to the Why Not USA office:

  • Signed agreement,
  • Student status letter,
  • Copy of the passport,
  • 1 passport photography,
  • Application form,
  • The original document of the contract of employment,
  • Confirmation of residency in Poland (copy of visa or TRC).


All required documents will be given to a student after signing the agreement and after all the details will be discussed in detail by the consultant or the office worker.

Social Security Number and taxes in the USA.

 All participants who didn’t take part in this kind of programs and weren’t given the Social Security Number must apply for this number immidiately after coming to the USA – how to apply for this number will be explained during the information meeting (ORIENTATION). Students may be obliged to pay the federal and state tax. If the taxes are transfered directly from the participant’s pay, he will have to fill in Federal and State Tax Returns not later than 15th April in the conseciutive year. In order to get the already paid tax ( if it is to be returned). The tax return may be received through offices working in Poland, which deal with getting the tax back paid in The USA.

  • Social Security Administration
  • SSA Multilanguage Gateway
  • Internal Revenue Service

An insurance during the stay in The USA.

The insurance is valid during the period of 4 months of the Work and Travel program duration, in accordance with dates distinguished on the DS-2019 document. Each of the participants will receive a detailed brochure on the insurance matter. 

Important information concerning the stay in The USA

In accordance with the regulations of the U.S. Department of State, status of each participant of the Work and Travel program must be activated in the SEVIS system during 30 days from the beginning date stated in the DS-2019 form. It means that the participant of the program must come to the USA within 30 days from this date. Otherwise, the permission to work in the USA will be cancelled. What is more, each participant of the program is obliged to register in the SEVIS system within 3 days since coming to the USA.

In accordance with the regulations of the U.S. Department of State each change of the place of residence address on the USA territory must be reported to the sponor of the program within 10 days. To inform the sponsor about the change of the address student may use online form or call: 1-888-423-8872, from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

 Not registering in the SEVIS system results in:

  • deleting a student from the Work and Travel program, which involves cancelling of permission for work and J-1 visa,
  • the insurance will not be activated until a student registers in the SEVIS system,
  • a student which will not be registered in the SEVIS system will not get the Social Security Number. From this year on the office workers of Social Security Administration are obliged to check the Student’s status in the SEVIS system.


Familiarize yourself with The Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure.

Fees and time limits for payments

Organization fee 700 PLN
The prise of the program including insurance – for people with their own employer 620 USD
The prise of the program including insurance – for people with the CCI employer 795 USD
Fee for SEVIS system 35 USD

Airline ticket (estimate prise depending on the target place and customer’s preference)
500 - 2500 USD
USA Visa 160 USD
(recommended )
min. 500 - 1000 USD


Time limits for payments

On the day of reaching an agreement 350PLN
14 days after signing the agreement
(the second part of the operation fee + money paid in advance towards the program fee)
On the day of submitting filled „APPLICATION FORM” and other required documents for the program
(extra charge for the program + SEVIS fee)
(620 / 795 USD + 35 USD - 650 PLN)
Customers are obliged to pay for the airline ticket up to 7 days before the departure  


Bank transfers
Information concerning making bank transfers:

  • A bank transfer must be filled up with PRINTED CHARACTERS
  • in the title of payment on the bank transfer it is neccessary to write: FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, ADDRESS
  • Do not fill a bank transfer up with any additional information like: extra charge, I installment, II installment, etc.
  • While filling up a bank transfer DO NOT use Polish letters/characters!!!
  • Even if the person, who makes a bank transfer is not the program’s participant but e.g. a family member, a bank transfer must always be fill up with the participant of the program information: FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, ADDRESS
  • It is forbidden to make one payment for two or more people through one bank transfer; 1 bank transfer = payment for 1 person
  • Payments must be done only through banks. It is not allowed to make payments through Poczta Polska. The time of their realization sometimes exceeds three days and may last even a week.

We ask for sticking to the above conditions. Not upholdning to these conditions may result in serious delays in recruitment procedures. Then these delays result from the errors concerning accounting of payments.

All prices given in USD are converted into PLN. The fee for the program is calculated according to the exchange rate of the USD sale at Raiffesen Bank S.A.on the day of payment.

All materials and prices presented on the websites of www.whynotusa.pl are not an offer within the meaning of regulations of the Civil Code.


Money during the stay in the USA

The participants should have with them enough money to cover accommodation, food, allowances, transport to and fro work, and the possible entertainment in the first month of the stay. It is recommended that every participant had with him/her at least 750$-1000$ in order to pay for possible deposits, recognizance or for public transport. Student’s monthly expenses are estimated at 500$ (accommodation + personal expenses). Mentioned sums may differ depending on student’s needs and localisation of work.

Details of the program

Accommodation in the USA

Accommodation in the USA during the Work and Travel program is usually organized by the employer. Accommodation is usually located near the work. If an employer doesn’t supply you with the accommodation he/she helps to find it. Students are usually accommodated in rooms which they share with other students. There is a kitchen and a bathroom, as well shared with other students. They cook for themselves, although sometimes it is the employer who provides a student with food/meals. The accommodation is charged every month, and it costs 100$ - 500$ USD per month and per person, the sum depends on the location. Information about the accommodation costs is usually mentioned in Job Offer or it will be presented to the student few weeks before the departure to the USA.

Target cities in the USA

Work places are located around the whole territory of the United States. The potential employers are theme parks, resorts, hotels, restaurants, casinos and various places of retail trade (e.g. supermarkets). Thus, participants should not expect to live in big cities. Students does not have the possibility to make a final choice concerning the city or region, because the suitable job offer is granted by the employer or a person who recruits for an employer. Students are being recruited on the basis of their English skills and knowledge, and their job predispositions. However, some requests may be taken into consideration when selecting a work. Participants will have the accommodation and job offer allocated together with the place of departure from Poland and the place of residence in the USA.

Independent work search in the USA

People who decides for the option of going to the USA with their own employer are obliged to show filled up engagement (Job Offer form is required, available in the Why Not USA office).


Travelling around the USA

Students are encouraged to organize trips after the termiantion of the program, as J-1 visa enables them to additional 30-day stay on the territory of the USA without the possibility to work. The participants must have an additional insurance for this 30-day stay in the USA after the termination of the program, because the insurance included in the program encompasses the period of 4 months only. After 30 days the participant is obliged to come back to his/her country.

Granting of the accommodation in the USA

Each participant starts his/her job on simple post, which gives possibility of the development. Job offers are various, there are possible posts of a kitchen help, service, restaurant personnel, waiter, cashier, hotel worker, amusement park, and many other not requiring special training and exprience. Participant is required to work 32-40 hours a week for an appointed employer. The hours of work may change, they are very often dependent on the weather conditions.


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