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San Francisco

gmaczka 15-10-2017

8 October - I waked up at 4:00 because I wanted make sure I took everything for my trip. I took my bag to car and I was ready to go. We took with us magazines, books, food and another things to don't feel boried. We travel 12 hours from Phoenix to San Francisco. It was a really long trip. We stayed in my host dad family's house. First day we stayed in home because we was tired and we ate a dinner. 

9 October - At morning we speand time in the park playing in basket ball. At 1:00 we drive to see Golden Gate Bridge. Total length of the bridge is 2737,4m. It was amazing to seen this bridge first time. Than we went to Rodeo Beach.


10 October - We decided to going to  Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is one of the largest aquariums in the world. It was fun to see this big aquarium.
11 October - We went to the lookout tower in the morning to see the panorama of San Francisko. Unfortunately, the weather did not go through these days because we saw smog and fog. Next pleace was Pier 39. I was in love! The streets were very nice and the buildings that surround us looked like a fairy tale, it reminded me of Disney Land in Paris. San Francisco is famous for it's bread and chocolate, so we decided to buy  sandwiches for the dinner. Then we went to the city for shopping, after we walked to the galleries and the streets. It was very excited day!
12 October - Me and my father waked up at 6:00 because today we went to Muir Woods National Monument. We didn't pay for that trip because we went earlier than park was open. This is because they want motivated people to wake up earlier. For a dinner we went to eat something to the special place.


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