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American Football Game

gmaczka 20-09-2017


 23 August - Today I was in american football play in my school. Go Vipers! First football play I have ever been. Excited? Of course! On this Friday we finished lessons at 2:30, every students go to big gym because we had a pep assemblie. This is a gathering of people before a sports event. Cheerleaders lead in chants and dance moves. It was really loud! Pep rally provides a great atmosphere that encouraged people to come to the game and supporting the school's team. Before play I went to my friend, she is exchange student from Germany. Game started at 7:00, normal ticket cost 6 $ but if u have student ID it costs only 4 $. Also you can buy food, something to drink and Verrado clothes. Everyone was weared school colors black and gold. We greeted our team with applause and cheers! Such a fun! Go Vipers! The match lasted about 3 and half an hour and ended with 56:07 point. It was a really good game!





8 September - I going to Verrado Hight school one month! How I feel? Awasome! People are very nice to me. If I need something everyone will help me. They are very kind to exchange students. They always ask me many questions: Where are you from? What differences do you see? How long do you stay here? Do you like Arizona? I have a really great time here.





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