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Hello it was a long beautiful way….

Kinga Pomykacz 25-09-2015

Hello it was a long beautiful way….


I hasn’t been here for a long time. I’M REALLY SORRY BUT I hope you understand life is just busy and time flies by…


So it was just an amazing year. Everything was cool  and I can’t say one bad word  about my exchange year. HA HA …No, wait I can….You know what?  It flew by just to fast…


My PROM,  my EXAMES,  my host family, my friends,  my life there… everything was just  great.


This time in US has changed me forever. Thanks to this experience I look different on people, I see more ways how to live…


But now the only thing that I can’t understand is: why Chicago is so far away from Poland. That’s something what I can’t change but I really would like to.


Life’s goes on so fast and I have to go with it. I got accepted to a great college. It’s official: I’m a student on University of Warsaw and I’m going to study in American Studies Center. I’m so excited because during my exchange year I learned so much about this amazing country and I can continue that. So this Sunday I’m moving to Warsaw.


I’m ready for something new. It’s going to be a great time in my life . I remember my principle’s words during a graduation ceremony that “college is the best time during the whole education process”. I miss high school especially Lake Park but I know that “ that’s enought “ and it’s time to move on. Something new is waiting for me…

I'm not saying good bye to America I'm saying see You soon :)


So I just want to say to all the people who are thinking about going out there and trying something new… If you are thinking about it,  it means you should do it.


And I have to say it will not be easy but I promise it will be worth it…


 Going on exchange is pretty scary.. But you know what even scarier? REGRET…

Take care everyone… And from me one more advice: “ Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.”


Be brave, be open to learn, to love, to be different it’s all about us. About exchange students.


And remember that  exchange student is the way of life after a while :)


Have fun everybody, explore, meet people.


Be happy it's one life time experience!


XOXO Kinga,


Wielkie podziękowania dla Pani Diany i całej Fundacji "Why Not USA" za możliwość, za wiarę we mnie, za pomoc, każde cieple słowo i opiekę przede wszystkim :).

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"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

Kinga Pomykacz 9:09

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." czytaj dalej...
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I want YOU to think about it....

Kinga Pomykacz 9:09

I want YOU to think abou it....     Good Luck xoxo czytaj dalej...
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Happy Fall,

Kinga Pomykacz 9:09

Happy Fall, czytaj dalej...
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